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Fred Haas

I am here to transmit light. 
We all are.

I receive light.
I conduct light
And, I reflect light.
We all do.

Though that reflection of light, we see ourselves, as we truly are.
We remember.
And from our memory,  we activate our capacity to receive and conduct light. It magnifies, and we are empowered to shine our own brilliant lights.


Professional information

I am trained as a civil engineer and I have spent over 30 years doing engineering work. I owned my own engineering company for over twenty years and I worked on many fun and memorable projects. However, even though I was good and successful at this work, it became clearer as the years marched on that I was really here to do something else.


I was feeling trapped by my "success" though and I could not let it go because I could not imagine what would replace it, or even, how it could possibly be replaced.

I have taken many courses and have been trained in several modalities as an energy facilitator, an intuitive and a coach, and  I have been doing this work, the work I was meant to do, since 2010.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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