Fred Haas

My mission is to rally you to stoke the embers burning deep within your soul so that you can return to the bright light you came here to be.
I  was off-path. Even though the outside picture looked okay and I could be perceived as successful through our cultural and societal lens...I owned my own engineering company and all the comforts of living were available to emotional state was in constant flux and I felt as though I was trapped in my life instead of as though I was creating it.
In the summer of 2010, I had a session with Sue Frederick and it had such a profound impact in my life that I decided to become trained in her coaching process so I could share this with others.
I was reminded why I came here and I was free to pursue the life that fits me best.  I began to see a pathway through the blocks that had previously been such mountainous obstructions. I opened up to the availability of new possibilties and I was able to act on them.
I wish everyone the freedom and peace of finding themselves again.
Professional information

I am trained as a civil engineer and I have spent over 30 years doing engineering work. I owned my own engineering company for over twenty years and I worked on many fun and memorable projects. However, even though I was good and successful at this work, it became clearer as the years marched on that I was really here to do something else.


I was feeling trapped by my "success" though and I could not let it go because I could not imagine what would replace it, or even, how it could possibly be replaced.

I have been trained as a coach, an intuitive and an energy healer, and have been doing this work, the work I was meant to do, since 2010.


Besides my work with clients, I teach coaching at Crossroads Recovery Coaching and I am the current President of the Board of Directors for Recovery Coaches International.

2010 - present

2010 - present