The vision that Fred shared with me was, in large part, completely in line with the career path I had envisioned for myself. Parts of the vision seemed on a larger scale than what I had considered but that did not overwhelm me; if anything, it gave me more confidence to pursue the aspects of the dream I already had. The session also tapped me back into parts of myself that I had forgotten about.


Throughout the call, I gained a new understanding of why I am doing what I am doing. I now know that it is not simply by chance, but that I am doing what I am meant to do.


The session with Fred rejuvenated me and gave me a new sense of hope for my future. I would do this again in a second and I think Fred has a natural ability to guide and inspire people through his coaching and his humanity.


Lisa W

Career Intuitive Sessions

Highly recommended!  My session with you, Fred has been very impactful to my spiritual journey and my perception of where I'm at in life today.


Our conversation has been extremely helpful in guiding me to trust what I thought was right for me BUT would consistently deny.  I feel more confident in trusting my intuition. Overall, the session has greatly impacted my vision for my career and my spiritual life.


Carolyn R

I’ve always had ideas swirling around in my head as to what I would like to do with my life.  He helped to bring me clarity.  Fred started out my session by sharing the information he received about my Life Path. He was dead on and I felt connected to him immediately. He helped me create baby action steps so I could start the process of not only fulfilling my dream of a healing career but also realizing why I was put on earth.


Joanne R

Relationship Intuitive Sessions

I haven't dated in years.  With no one on the dating-horizon, I reached out to Fred for an intuitive soul-mate session with an open mind but a bad attitude.  The session surprised me in terms of valuable insight to re-energizing my purpose and my path, the most important place to start before dating.   

Fred pointed out some critical things that were preventing me from attracting my soul mate and guided me to remember self-love and opening to my full power.


With a 'no time like the present' renewed sense of dating energy, I'm using the daily affirmation and playing with the 'baby steps' Fred helped me identify to tune up my magnet during an optimal year.  

Tiffany H

I am in a new relationship and we talked about what type of connection I have with my partner.  He shared information with me about how to make it a relationship that I would love to be in and feel comfortable with.  Together we came up with baby steps so my new relationship would get off in the right direction. 


I felt so inspired hearing all of this and the best part about it was that Fred presented this information in a way that was clear, easy to understand and fun.  I felt so engaged in the conversation with his interactive style and I felt that this session was tailored made just for me.  I would highly recommend scheduling a session with Fred because I guarantee you will absolutely love the experience.

Joanne R

My soul mate session with Fred was extremely eye opening. He was able to show me some things and give me perspectives I'd never considered before. More than that, he enabled me to uncover some things within myself I now realize I hadn't wanted to look at. The tools he gave to determine "what kind of relationship" it IS makes perfect sense when going back through previous relationships.


Also the "baby steps" help clarify and put into action how to co-create what i really want and use my time more wisely. Thank you Fred for being so open and easy to talk to!


Suzette G

Grief Intuitive Sessions

I looked forward to my session with Fred Haas on grief because I am in the beginning stages of grief after losing my 20 year old son.  I had no prior expectations of what would occur. I knew from working with Fred before how intuitive he is and how caring in a session. I appreciated working through the memories of my son, the things I appreciated about him and receiving the messages to some of my questions through a short reconnection ritual.

I have benefited from the baby steps we discussed especially the daily affirmation.


Justin P

I had an amazing session with Fred Haas! He made me feel 100% comfortable, which allowed me to really open up and heal deeply. He had a confidence and strength that I admired.


He is highly intuitive and really "gets" this work. I loved when he talked about my mission...that was one of my favorite parts. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to turn their pain into fuel and heal at a deep level.


Martine R

It was great to do the reconnection ritual with Fred, where I was able to connect with my grandfather on my own, and get more precise answers. That was a great gift.


I was surprised to also get a message from Fred about my mission in life. Fred even used some of the exact words that I would use to describe my biggest dreams and some of my current interests, so he was really tuned in. It was such a lovely reading. I am grateful to Fred and would highly recommend him.


Leslie F