Here is your reminder. 
You are a being that is filled with divine light, and you came here on purpose.
What have you forgotten about this?
Can you connect to that yearning deep inside?
What is it calling you forth to do?
You are not a victim in this life.  It is all on purpose.  Remember.  The universe is constantly nudging you, sometimes gently sometimes not, back towards the path of your true self.  Empower yourself, engage your intuition and energize your own movement back to your divine soul's purpose.
I am here to remind you to stoke the embers burning deep within your soul so that you may return to the bright light you came here to be.
Do you need to remember your purpose?
Are you showing up in the world in a way that is recognizable to your soul mate? Or are you deeply buried under an emotional and a cultural clutter so that you don't even recognize yourself anymore?
Have you been engulfed by a wall of grief that provides no escape?
These sessions are based on the work of Sue Frederick.  They are designed so that you can live your life on purpose, and find your path. There are also specific sessions that open the way to your soul mate or navigate the wall of grief and break your heart wide open.

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