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Lightwork and Activation

At this time, I am scheduling Marconics "No Touch" Sessions and Biofield Tuning Sessions only. There is more to come!

Marconic "No Touch" Protocol

Marconic “No-Touch” Protocol is the evolution of energy healing where energy encoded with light is introduced into the energy field and run through selected points on the body’s Axiatonal system.


It is used as an on-going therapy that: 


• Raises our vibrational frequency.

• Provides an opportunity for us to shed karmic density from our chakra system and activate new chakras.

• Creates spontaneous healing as directed by our Higher Selves

• Activates DNA

• Connects, and integrates our Higher Self Lineage

• Incrementally, increases vibration within the physical body with every Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Session


The sessions last about 45 minutes and cost $111.

Biofield Tuning

During a Biofield tuning session, clients lie fully clothed (except for shoes) on a treatment table.

The practitioner activates tuning forks which can be placed on specific points on the body, but are predominately used to scan the Biofield beginning from about 6 feet away.

As the forks sweep the field and encounter discord, these areas are resolved and restored to coherence. As this occurs, you may want to talk about your experience or you may choose to just quietly breathe and relax. It is completely up to you.

The sessions last about an hour, and for a limited time, these are free while I gather my required training sessions.

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